Tuesday, June 8, 2010

bachelorette weekend: day 3

  • awesome town & country van rented and driven by Alicia
  • two hour drive to Anna Maria Island to Manatee Beach
  • almost-white sand, almost-clear super-warm water
  • relaxing with some of my favorite girls
  • 90 degree temps
  • taking full advantage of "continuous shot mode" on my camera
  • sipping frosty drinks and eating yummy app's by the ocean
  • fun lights in the town & country van and feeling pretty awesome about it
  • power-women songs from the 80's (including but not limited too "house of love" by Amy Grant and Celine Dion, "because you loved me")
  • dressing back up in our LBD's and bachelorette box gear
  • downtown universal, one club, avoiding creepy guys, finding a bachelor party and telling the bachelor "congrats" and "marriage is cool," staying till last call, mistaking people's genders and staci hating me cause we had her out past 3 am!
sunday was probably the best day. beach time and dancing with some crazy-fun girls. LOVED IT!!


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

i hate you right now.

jk!! but sunday was seriously awesome. beach was great and i will admit, i did have fun dancing the night away with the SKAANKs!