Monday, February 2, 2009

souper bowl weekend

for our superbowl celebration [roomie kristen, BF josh and i], kristen made chicken tortilla soup [it was supposed to be like max and erma's...not quite, but it was still very very yummy] and i made s'mores cookie bars.

we didn't have a pot big enough to make this 16-serving recipe, so kc used the crock pot

freshly grated cheese and fried tortilla pieces made this soup freakin awesome. ok, anything fried is awesome...


s'mores cookie bars. recipe found through Betty Crocker online

oopsie. i probably should have let them cool more...i had a little accident when taking them out...
[and i should have added more marshies...]

upon eating the bars, kristen and i decided that laying out Hershey bars on top [or milk chocolate chips] instead of regular chocolate chips would have been even better and more like a s'more. oh time...

josh said this dessert is now his 2nd favorite, preceeded by his Gram's "Carmalitas". i found a recipe for them at, i'm not sure if that's what she uses but it's similar.

friday i made reservations at Matthew's Trattoria for josh & i on Valentine's day. it was two weeks in advance and i asked them, "is it too early?" and the woman said, "no, it's almost too late!" luckily, we got it. i love it there. the atmosphere is so much fun!! but their website doesn't do it justice...i'm excited!


*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

1) Not-So-Super soup
2) Colossal Crockpot
3) Scrumptious Smores
4) Magnificient Matthews