Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the days go by...

i can't believe it's practically mid-February already!! do the years continue to go by quicker and quicker as you get older? i'm not sure i like that...

we [The Dundies] had our first volleyball game yesterday. it was quite an interesting experience - playing with Staci, who i played with only in high school [oh...7 years ago...], with my cousin, who i've mostly coached, with my friend bethany from work, who i really only know in the "work setting" and her 3 friends, who i had never met before. i think everyone's biggest fears were: 1) sucking from lack of play 2) having others think they consistently suck 3) missing a serve 4) taking someone else's ball. i think everyone seems to have a great and easy-going attitude, so we had a lot of fun. well, i did. we won two out of three games. at one point, i thought i saw my previous assitant coach, brenda, so i yelled "is that brenda!?" and bekah just looked at me and shook her head. "brenda" heard me somehow [she was like 40' away], so when she turned towards me i just looked away. then bekah proceeded to point to random people [mostly guys] and ask "is that brenda?" i went through a severe case of the giggles and couldn't focus.

i'm glad it's wednesday. i think kristen and i are making enchiladas and HOMEMADE GUACAMOLE tonight!! tomorrow i'm getting my hair cut & dyed! yay!!!!!!!

the rest of the new furniture for the "Design Department" at work [as we decided to call it] is shipping next Friday. my boss is going to be getting some other furniture for his office. it's going to look really great. it's Knoll [of course], the series being "Autostrada".


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

ohhh boo! my last comment failed :-( sooooooo 1) holy crap we are old. 2) i had fun too! everyone seems awesome! 3) you forgot fear of reminiscing to your high school years and blocking a serve. 4) yay! 5) my word verification had "amy" in it