Friday, February 6, 2009

pain in the arm.

on Monday, kc and i took a grueling [fairly easy, go at your own pace, didn't break a sweat] weights & abs class. for some reason, one exercise MURDERED my left arm. i'm not sure what happened - if those 3lb weights were ridiculously too much, if i did the exercise wrong or if i just randomly pulled a muscle. it's been on and off hurting since then [more so when i'm at work, and my arm is resting on my desk], but you would know this if you follow me on twitter or facebook :). anyway, hopefully its going to continue to improve [it feels better today] because we plan on going back on Monday and i'm starting a volleyball league with my cousin, Stace and friend from work and her friends.

PS: our volleyball team is made up of friends who LOVE THE OFFICE. we've named ourselves "The Dundies", with awesome shirts [designed by myself and rachers]. this is the best pic i have as of right now:

i'm looking forward to a low-key weekend of Meta Cafe tonight, not much other than some cleaning & hanging out tomorrow and singing at church on Sunday.

also, i enjoyed the office last night. it's great watching it at my sister & brother-in-law's, because every time i look at brian he has his face in his hands from major 3PE, which makes me laugh even more.


Gretchen said... Best Blogger Tips

Best. Team name. EVER.