Tuesday, February 24, 2009

millcreek mall

on Saturday, Rach & I went to the mall to grab some grub before another viewing of Twilight [it's now at our dollar theater!!]

our mall has undergone some good changes this last year. they added a food court [they put in seating and like, 3 places to eat...], changed all the flooring, added skylights and changed the store fronts on a lot of the shops. it definitely looks nicer and cleaner, however on a Saturday night it is definitely the place to drop off your teens so you don't have to deal with them for 4 hours. i don't know how many groups of kids walking around we saw...

anyway, i convinced rach and my cousin to join me at the mall again last night to actually shop. 1/2 the stores had no power [the stores i wanted to visit] for the first hour we were there, but eventually i was able to get in to NY & Co and use my coupon!!

here's what i got last night:

[this jacket is awesome because it's stretchy and cotton.
i have an issue with stiff jackets when i wear them at work...
not conducive to a comfortable and productive work experience for me]

[also got one in white]

[from American Eagle]

i tried on some really cute pants from NY&Co [light grey] but unfortunately i take a "7" in their pants sizes...annnnd that size doesn't actually exist.

i also bought some brown heels for $12 from burlington! of course they are some random brand, but they're cute :)


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha....when you showed me that first shirt all i could see was the black part...and I thought it was a weirdoooo vest....but it is totes cute!