Friday, September 19, 2008

lack of...

i apologize for my lack of reading, commenting and blogging of my own. things have been crazy is the ushe.

  • i've had 3-4 volleyball games or practices a week. this requires leaving early from work very often, meaning no time at work to blog.
  • lappy is broken. hopefully i'll be sending her back today. this is why i haven't blogged at home.
  • work is crazy. we're busy. it's good, but stressful. especially when i have to leave early.
  • the shirts i bought the girls last week were "rejected" by the school. they told me they need to be approved to be worn as jerseys at games, and that they pretty much wouldn't be approved at all. so, they got to wear them for the tourny and a game, but that's about it. they can wear them to warm up in and to travel in, so that's good at least. i understand their rules...sort of...but i also think it's stupid.
  • the volleyball team is doing pretty well. JV is having a rough time, but the varsity girls are really impressing me this year. too bad 7 out 0f 9 of the varsity girls will be gone next year.
  • i'm SO EXCITED ABOUT FALL. seriously. i love it. when the leaves start to change i'm going to make josh go with my on my annual fall picture-taking walk. my plan is to go to wintergreen gorge by my house. it's very pretty there. but seriously, there is something about fall that really...just...effects me. i have an idea of what it could be.
  • i have two potential halloween parties to go to this year. i'm excited.
  • um, KC and i move in to our apartment in TWO WEEKS! i can't believe it. we are going to try to get our furniture and other things tomorrow! ahhhhh excited!!!!!!!
  • one week until the office season premiere!!! holy mother, i am SO EXCITED. i had a dream last night that jim proposed to pam in the premiere. i am going to make my cuz cuz bekah come over and watch episodes with me and bring her office dvd game :)

a few fall pics to get you in the mood :)


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

awwww yay!! crazy stuff going on!! do you coach for a highschool? or for church? im confused. . how does that work!? aH!H!H apt!!! soo fuN!