Thursday, September 25, 2008

finds & purchases

last night's awesome deals:

[value city furniture & jc penny]

this morning's awesome find:

lucy, our 4-year old princess, sat inside making growling moaning noises while the two ate outside. dad says he saw an adult cat run across the street. they were healthy looking, clean, full-bellied, so we think that could have been the mother. the cats were no where to be found when i left for work, however. they might have been hiding in the ferns. i hope that it WAS the mother, that she comes back for them, and they go elsewhere...these are the 4th and 5th cats that have been found outside our house in 5 years. it's crazy. we can't take any more cats in...maybe gramma misses having 8 kittens and wants 2 more so she can have 4 again?? :)


rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

sooo precious. i want to run a cat sanctuary.

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips


dont let them cross into my mum's yard...they'll go the same way the groundhog did.

hee hee

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

awwww!! they are sooo cute!! still think its a sign for you & kc to take them to your new apt!! :-)

Holly Grande said... Best Blogger Tips

I love those black and white boxes and artwork. Gorgeous.