Monday, September 1, 2008

holiday weekends rock.

i'm bummed it's the last day of the holiday weekend, but glad i have the day off. i didn't do a whole lot of anything interesting this weekend, but it was still a good time.

  • watched What Happens in Vegas with rach on Friday night. it was funny. lots of screaming. we also had dinner and worked on our lappy's all night
  • saturday i was up at 530 for a volleyball tournament in Portersville, PA [i coach]. my girls got 3rd place! ...out of 4 teams. still, it was their second time playing together this year and i think they did surprisingly well. i could tell some of the girls improved in just that day.
  • saturday night we got to experience a new iNSPiRAL song! how exciting. it sounds awesome, so i can't wait till they start playing it at shows!
  • sunday was church, lunch with mum, dad & rach, then shopping FOR OVER FOUR HOURS with mum and rach. the point was to shop with mum, for her, with her bday money she got last week. yeah, i bought the most out of everyone. i got new sheets [yay! but the fitted sheet doesnt FIT RIGHT!] and some awesome $5.99 shirts from my fav place - New York & Company.
  • after i got home, i slept from 530pm to about 1030pm. then i was up for about 2 1/2 hours, then back to bed [which explains why i'm up at 8 on my day off]
  • today i know Josh & i are hanging out, not sure if there are any "family labor day plans" involved, but hopefully more of The Office [season 4 comes out TOMORROW! and we are going to watch 1 - 4 before the season premiere of season 5 - Sept 25!!!!!!!!!!!!].

hope everyone else has/had a fun labor day weekend! any plans for the holiday???