Monday, September 22, 2008

big steps!

kc and are have 12 days [counting today] until we get the keys to our new apartment. saturday we shifted into high gear in getting a bunch of stuff. first stop was the furniture - we needed that before we could get stand or bookcases...

we ended up agreeing on a couch & loveseat, and agreeing that i would buy these pieces, and kc would buy the dining room set and other living room needs.

on sunday, i traveled back to john v with my mum and purchased...

this couch and loveseat.

we are not huge fans of that green-tan-red accent chair and pillows, so we purchased some teal-bluish pillows that look great with it. after i signed my life away [not really] to john v, mum and i walked past the furniture again and saw the weirdest thing. on the couch was this pillow that matched PERFECTLY with the new colors kc & i are trying to go with. i mean, it had the tan of the couch, the blue of the new blue pillows we bought and a GREEN the color of these lampshades we want from target! it was seriously weird. i might go back and get that pillow, even though it was $24.00.

oh, and i want this rug too. perfect colors, again.

im so excited! i want to take a trip to ikea this weekend. if i don't do it this weekend, it's not going to happen before we move :(

also purchased this weekend:
  • new mattress cover [mine's nasty]
  • new red sheets [mine are old. plus these were Egyptian cotton 1/2 off for $35!!!]
  • shower tension-rod pole thing with metal shelvies
  • 2 blue pillows
kc's purchases:
  • trash can
  • butter tray thingie
and i guess i dont remember what else....eeek so excited!


rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome!!! :-)


freeandflawed said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that rug!

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

aww!! yay!! :-) how exciting!! take lots of pics!! :-)