Thursday, September 4, 2008


there are less than 30 days until kc and i get the keys to our new apartment!! we still have lots to do [figure out who's going to help us move, do a coin toss for the larger room, pack, get other misc. things]...

yesterday we met at Value City Furniture to take a look at a few things. here's what we liked:

Monterey Sofa & Loveseat Package [but we want the sofa, oversized chair & ottoman]

Tulum Canvas 5-Piece Dinette

we both really liked both of these. on another note, i also found these cool things at See Jane Work.

totes cute sticky notes

glove compartment sized "receipt catcher"
i am really trying hard to do this "budget" thing. my first goal is to get a handle on how much money i spend on eating out and...not spend as much as i have been. i'm going on a weekly budget for this, and this is my first week doing so...and i'm doing alright so far! [thanks to kc for buying me dinner last night as part of her paying me back for the new orleans hotel!]


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

aww!! yay!! :-) totes cute!