Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Readings - Oct 4-11

Okay! So it took weeks, but I've finally figured out how to get this blog + Bible reading thing going. It is going to be called "Tuesday Readings."

I will probably be getting my passages from BibleGateway.com under their "Reading Plans" section. I've chosen the Old/New Testament to pick readings from. They post them daily, sections from both the Old and New Testament, and it's technically a one-year study on the entire Bible. I'm not going to lie - I'm no good at reading and studying the Bible, so we're going to work up slow - one section of a few passages per week.

On Tuesdays I'll post about the past week's passage and I'll post what the next week's reading will be (I'm going to try to be consistent and put this at the end of each Tuesday post). If you want, feel free to follow along with me and link up (except I'm not quite sure how this works - I think you just click the "Links to this Post" on the bottom and enter your info? Someone who knows more about this - HELP!!). You can do whatever you want here - write a whole post dedicated to the reading, link up and mention you're doing this with me, or just stop by my blog on Tuesdays and tell me about your thoughts on the passage!

As there was no reading last week, there is no "about the passage" for this week. Some days the "about the passage" might be a lot. Might be in-depth and hard to work through. Other times it will be quick, short and it might not feel like much.

The point of this study is for me and a few of my blogging fellow lady friends out there to keep ourselves accountable and get reading! As I've explained before, I want this to be geared towards young women bloggers, specifically married without children. Again, I'm not trying to exclude anyone, just trying to reach out to ladies out there like me!

These are the friends of mine who have expressed interest!
Alisun from the In-between
Bethany from lee & bethany
Hannah from Unraveling Perfection
Meg from henning love
Staci from SuperYay!
if I missed you - let me know!

So. Let's do this!

Reading for October 11, 2011 
Isaiah 17-19, Ephesians 5:17-33