Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Readings - Oct 11-11 [recap]

This past week's reading was Isaiah 17-19, Ephesians 5:17-33

I'm proud to say I got this week's reading all done by Wednesday! 

I love reading from my ESV Study Bible. Half the pages are notes or maps regarding the passages. It really gives you a different look at the scriptures that I often times miss.

The reading from Isaiah was a hard one to get through as is a lot of the Old Testament I find. It always seems difficult to find something to relate to. With the study Bible, there were a few notes that sparked my interest in the passage:
  • 19:12 - "Human expertise, however brilliant, fails before the overruling purpose of God." Something I need to be daily reminded of - whatever intelligence or wisdom I have in life is always surpassed by God's perfect will and purpose for me.
The reading from Ephesians (I'm going to just write these down as bullets like how I had written them in my notes)
  • 5:17 - Understand the "will" of God - is saying we must understand general guidelines, not that we should try to understand his hidden will that we cannot know.
  • 5:20 - Giving thanks always and for everything.
  • 5:22 - Wives submit to your husbands - means submitting to the "ultimate leadership of the husband for the health and harmonious working of the marriage relationship." [From the notes.] This gives a different perspective on the often "sexist" view that some people get from this passage.
  • 5:25 - Husband's love - "husband is bound by love to ensure the wife finds their marriage a source of rich fulfillment and joyful service to the Lord."  [From the notes.] I like this perspective! Sometimes I think in this day and age we think it's wrong to believe your husband should be your provider and protector. Although I think that many things in a marriage should be equal - a partnership - I am happy to say my husband is the head of our household - though we are still early in our marriage years, we haven't crossed every mountain yet!
  • 5:26-27 - Husbands cannot sanctify wives (only Christ can), but they should promote holiness.

Hope you did the reading along with me! Let me know if you did! I'm looking forward to next week's reading!

Reading for October 18, 2011  
Isaiah 34-36, Colossians 2


Hannah said... Best Blogger Tips

Amy :) These past few weeks have been crazy with school and I haven't been keeping up with blogging or blog reading at all...so I didn't realize you had started doing this. But next week I will definitely try to do it...just wanted to let you know I still would like to participate. Also I know that you specifically would like to do it with other women who are married, and even though I'm not I figure I don't have children so I sort of fit in ;) At least that logic works in my head lol...