Monday, July 25, 2011

weekend update: July 22-24, 2011

This weekend wasn't very exciting though it was fun for me!

A church in our area held it's first annual volleyball tournament on two sand courts on their church property, so that's what I did with Staci and some other friends Saturday morning. It was hot and good times, but I sure was sore and tired the next day.

Also that evening I assisted my sister in a wedding at Peek N' Peak Resort where it was HOT as all get out, but an absolutely gorgeous wedding. The bridal party was super fun, looked amazing, their flowers were gorgeous and the reception was beautiful.

Exhausting Saturdays result in laid-back Sundays with Josh, though we visited my parents for a few hours which was fun and ate s'mores made with marshmallows toasted over our gas stove.

Here's a favorite pic from the wedding:

Check Rachel's BLOG or FACEBOOK for more pictures later this week.

This upcoming weekend Josh & I have a wedding reception (Friday night) then Saturday & Sunday we're spending the day (Josh is coming up later than night with Katie's hubby) with the SKANK's at Staci's in-law's cabin and boat. So excited! Can't wait!!

Hope you guys had awesome weekends! Anyone do anything fun?


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said... Best Blogger Tips

So you played in the volleyball tournament? How did you ever survive the heat?!

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

What you were at your parents' and didn't stop by my house to say hi to me?! :-( It's okay. I wasn't home. I went to the beach (and didn't get burned)! Woop! And to TJ Maxx - oooooopsie.

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful pic!! i'm excited for this weekend and i'm excited for next weekend too!! hope we get some good ones! p.s. - shane's mad you didn't mention him in this post.

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said... Best Blogger Tips

That picture is gorgeous!