Tuesday, July 19, 2011

current obsessions: July

July obsessions + loves:

  • ice cream inspired nail polish colors (reminds me of mint ice cream)
  • hand-me-down patio chairs + table thanks to my aunt & uncle 
  • a tomato plant full of (hopefully delicious) still growing green tomatoes!
  • out of town friends visiting
  • wedding anniversary trip searching/planning
  • peep-toe wedges (still looking for a pair to buy...)
  • a beautifully growing basil plant! (I killed our first two...) 


    Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips
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    Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said... Best Blogger Tips

    Wow, those tomatoes look great. I was mostly unsuccessful in my tomato adventures. I don't think Florida really has a good climate for them. Yours are beautiful!

    *kc said... Best Blogger Tips

    Where did you get your basil plant? I have parsley and thyme plants, but I don't really use either - but basil I might use... probs not.

    amy grace said... Best Blogger Tips

    @*kc I started growing the first basil plant in early May. It looked great, then died before it got big enough to use. I also had Rosemary and Parsley in the same pot, but they all died. Maybe the weather? I also bought a started basil plant for use with the tomato planter. It died quickly. This basil I planted probably late may or mid-June. I feel like it sprouted fast. It looks good now - I hope it continues to so I can actually use it!!!

    Meri said... Best Blogger Tips

    I love that nail polish color- you're right about the pretty mintiness! Good luck with the anniversary planning... we're trying to plan our 5 year dating anniversary this August!

    Danny Lucas said... Best Blogger Tips

    Although I fail to have monthly obsessions, I do enjoy daily readings of fine writings.

    It usually begins with the Bible and among my favorite is the Healing of Ten Lepers. Off they go, after being healed by the Lord, except one, who runs back to Christ.

    "I just wanna Thank You" for what you done for me", he says.

    "Were not TEN of you healed?", inquires Christ.
    "Where are the other NINE?"

    It is among my favorite stories as a reminder to me, to always be a TEN.

    "I just wanna Thank You for what you have done for me", amy grace."

    I have commented about your blog, on the main board of Erie Blogs this day, as well.

    Ps. I wish you could find a link between "Hannah", she of grand culture writings, and Erie, PA and get her on the Erie Blog Board for a wider audience to read fine writings too.

    Have a marvelous day!

    Alexa said... Best Blogger Tips

    Love Sally Hansen...such pretty colors!