Tuesday, January 11, 2011

life update

life is good. i'm counting my calories (not very effectively, but i'm trying) and so far have eaten almost zero candy/chocolate/sweets for over a week (do you understand the accomplishment in this - especially with all the christmas candy still at our house?). haven't seen any progress so far, but i'm proud of how i've been doing. i'm also trying to get on the wii fit every day. not so successful on that and i know that using the wii fit will not give me the real workout needed to drop a bunch of weight, but i do enjoy the yoga and strength training and it's better than sitting on my butt just watching cartoons (yes. i watch cartoons).

other than that i've been reading a lot (all-booked up - book club with my SKANK girlfriends) and cooking a lot (Rachael Ray Look+Cook) and loving my husband a lot. work is getting busy again which is always a good thing. also, it's been really cold. i usually go to bed and end up sweating in a tank top and shorts, but i've been sleeping in sweat pants, socks, t-shirts and zip ups for the last few days. this is VERY weird for me. all this cold really makes me want to move south!

anyway, happy Tuesday. sorry i've got nothing more exciting to share as of now :)

could we go back here please?
excellence resorts: playa mujeres - our honeymoon location :)