Monday, January 17, 2011

birthday cake

so, i made this (also here, here, here...) delicious cake for my dad's birthday on Saturday - "Perfect Party Cake." unfortunately i have no pictures, but i'll share my experience none-the-less.

i first saw this cake on Cafe Fernando's blog (i love that blog), and i knew my dad would love it for his birthday. i didn't have many mishaps with the cake, however it didn't seem to rise much so i was unable to slice the two layers resulting in a 2-layer cake as opposed to the towering 4-layer that i had hoped to make.

i made my own raspberry jam concoction with cornstarch, sugar and raspberries(delish) and made my own frosting, just standard buttercream (just butter, milk, some lemon juice + lots of powdered sugar). i wanted to make the frosting that was called for, but i just couldn't frost the cake knowing 3 sticks of butter were incorporated into the frosting. i'm sure it is delicious and looks beautiful, but seeing as i am trying to loose weight, i thought this might set me back a whole week.

the cake turned out great (other than not really rising) and though nervous that it was going to be dry, was a great consistency. will definitely try making again.

wish i had some pictures to share. mine looked okay, nothing like the gorgeous ones in the above blogs though...