Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011: goals

i had a whole post dedicated to goals and hopes of achievements for this year, then i looked at my goals for 2010 and realized they were all the same and completely left un-achieved and i felt a little depressed and lousy. 2010 was a great year for me - don't get me wrong. i would not change a thing. but seeing a list of goals untouched after a year has gone by can be a little...disappointing.

so, my one and only goal for 2011 is this:

stop saying you're going to eat better, starting next week - and just do it already.
stop saying you're going to take advantage of that wii fit - you're never going to beat Josh's scores without plugging it in.
stop saying you're going to learn a new skill or expand your mind - and sign up for a class, read a book, go to the library.
stop - i'm sorry, but - being a discontent lazy-ass and do something about it!

so. here's to 2011. a year of doing!


mymcmlife said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes! Do it! :)
I just read a really great book a few weeks ago called the Noticer. It's about story with a lot of insight on perspective, decisions and living effectively. I don't know if you read much but I definitely recommend it. One thing I learned from it - it only takes a moment to change, it's deciding to change that take people a long time.