Monday, August 4, 2008

wedding - birthday - cupcake weekend

i don't have time for a long post, so i leave you with a few pictures...

doggie pic by kt
kt & cupcake pic by kc
fire courtesy of louise [mayor of saltsman road]
picnic courtesy of smerick's for kt's birthday
knife holder gift from mike to his lovely fiance-B


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

so how DID the cuppies turn out?! they sounded and look delicious!! so bummed I couldn't be there :-( ha ha! i love that knife set! you guys are so weird! :-P

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

mmm thanks for the cuppies! they were totes awesommmmmme!!!!!

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips


You may call me Kitten said... Best Blogger Tips

Those cupcakes look great! Thanks for the comments on the ones I made - mine weren't ice cream like those are though - it was more of a frozen pie filling-type cream.