Thursday, August 7, 2008

and the sparks flew..

co-worker bethany and i had to measure a few spaces today. unfortunately, these were in parts of manufacturing areas which meant safety glasses, ear plugs & closed-toe shoes [i almost had to put on the steel-toe booties...].

somehow, while measuring in a "safe" environment [around a 4" x 4" box of 4 outlets that sticks out of the wall a few inches], i managed to get my tape measure caught in between a not-all-the-way-plugged-in-tasklight-plug. this, naturally, caused the tape to singe, one of the prongs of the outlet to be almost completely burnt through and lots of sparks and popping sounds to keep it exciting.

i was quite freaked out after the event. i didnt really think anything like THAT could happen, but i was in a cramped space and could probably have been more careful. however - this plug was HALF WAY IN! that's not my fault. plus, i didnt even notice that.

my poor, only-a-few-months-old tape measure. last time i had a tape measure incident [i, um, stepped on it and cracked it], it split and eventually my fingers were badly cut up and bleeding all over [the tape snapped back at me fast, and i freaked, so i tried to drop it...the dropping actually made it rotate around and slice open my pointer finger]. yeah, they were pretty really bad cuts.

i'm not sure if these damages are dangerous or not...but i might need to get a new tape.
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*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

amy GRACE! :-p

j*amy said... Best Blogger Tips

oh, and after that - at volleyball - i rolled my ankle and fell on my face in front of the girls...:)

but i was okaaaaaay...

rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

aaaah hahah! oh my gosh silly girl!

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

hee's because it was thursday, I never could get the hang of thursdays...and apparently neither can you!