Wednesday, August 20, 2008

wacky wednesday

  • i dropped off my car this morning to get some...thing...fixed. i will have $400 less in my bank account by the end of the day :(
  • after work i'm going with a friend of mine to my gramma's to look at the kitties. hopefully Christa will be taking home one of the two beautiful girls or three adorable boys that aren't claimed already!
  • after the kitties, kc and i are checking out another apartment. i have high hopes for this one [even though they won't have anything open until mid-October], but i'm trying to not get too excited for it...
  • if we have time after the apartment viewing, kc and i are going to attempt to make it to kickboxing.
  • Season 4 of The Office comes out September 2nd! josh and i are going to prepare for this by watching Seasons 1-3 in the meantime. and we will too, because i remembered to bring the dvd's with me today :)
  • Season 5 of The Office starts September 25th! i'm so excited! i've been watching some of the random commercials [a lot of Olympic references...] on you can check them out here.
  • iNSPiRAL show @ Sherlock's tomorrow!

the bosses are traveling back from Europe today, expecting to be in late tonight. it's been an interesting experience without them - but a good one. we've been pretty busy and i've been going to meetings every other day, taking calls for deliveries and scheduling installations [not usually my job], receiving trucks and claiming damages [again, not what i normally do]. it's kind of been fun "running" the business, though i will be glad to give back all the crappy problems to the bosses. though really - things have been going REALLY well. we received crazy amounts of furniture to Gannon and it went without a hitch...installations have occurred almost flawlessly...and co-worker bethany and i have had fun going to lunch and leaving early to go to meetings...and going to breakfast...

and be thinking of / praying for our friends Stace & Shane who got married last year and live in VA. we are praying they get jobs in Erie and can move back home to be closer to their SKANK's! [oh, and their family...]


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

or a job in pittsburghhhhhh!!

Hope the apt is totes perfect!

i want to visit the kittttennnnszzzz take meeeeeeee!

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

ha ha! aww! thanks mase!!! so sweet of yoU! and so honored to be on your blog :-P

i want to see the kitties tooooo!!!