Friday, August 1, 2008


well, the poll was SUPPOSED to be closed...oh well, we already know the winner is "Mudslide Cupcakes".

i've got my plan, i don't have my ingredients and i don't really have the time, but i'm going to do them anyway!

i'm really excited about these cupcakes cause i'm pulling a bunch of different recipes together and making some alterations to create my cuppies. when you stray from the instructions and cook more from your brain [or maybe it's from your tastebuds...] it's a different "sense" of accomplishment upon [delicious] completion.

tonight i have a wedding, no idea what to wear and 45 minutes to get ready [that includes doing hair and picking out something to wear...cutting it close!!] & eat dinner. kt is coming in tonight and we have some fun plans for tomorrow! i expect lots of pictures on Monday's post [which may be done Monday night (hopefully Sunday) due to a Monday morning meeting].

i'm so glad it's fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!