Tuesday, July 20, 2010

wedding update...ONE MONTH!

so. i know you're all sick of my wedding posts, so i'll try not to say too much. here's what's on my mind at the ONE MONTH marker before the big day.
  • i hate jewelry. i can't pick anything for the life of me. also, my collar bone sticks out, causing certain necklaces to flip on me. ANNOYING.
  • also, i'm just in general too indecisive. we should have had a three month engagement so i didn't have time to buy 3 pairs of shoes or decide between 4 different hair styles.
  • my good friend Danielle is doing our wedding photos. she just posted some from a wedding last weekend and they are SO AWESOME. i get more and more excited for her to do them every day!
  • we have to finalize ceremony music and our vows. should be easy...you'd think.
  • i have to pick up our marriage license.
  • i think i'm going to have enough money to pay for everything...i think...
  • i cannot WAIT for a week of just laying around and hanging out with Josh. it's going to be awesome. all. inclusive. no. kids.
  • i'm not stressed. i'm excited. but i'll probably be stressed day of. i think i'm gonna need some anti-anxiety meds.
  • i'm excited to turn Josh's apartment into "our" apartment. he's probably not as excited (to get my crap in his townhouse) as i am...
  • alicia is coming up to Erie a few days before the wedding! i'm so excited to spend some time with her and my other bridesmaids!!
  • my sister is amazing. she took so much time to work on our invitations, and she did a beautiful job. i'll have to get her to take some pics so we can show them off.
  • RSVP's are due Friday. i'm nervous people didn't get their invitations. i'm also nervous we aren't getting people's RSVP's, but at least we can contact people and make sure of all that.
  • SIMPLICITY is the new term for the wedding. i've got ideas in my head of how i want our day to look, but it's literally not possible to look that way with 1) reception location, 2) amount of guests we're having, 3) we don't have time, 4) we don't have the resources/money. new goal: simplify everything. no one is going to care how the cookie/dessert table looks and what color flower petals are on the table. i may care now, but i won't care day of! (josh has been telling me this for 9 months)
  • i can't wait to marry my best friend and the most wonderful guy i know!