Friday, July 9, 2010

sorry i've been distant...

i've been lacking in blog posting and blog reading/commenting recently. things are crazy in my life, maybe more so than usual! also, i have no internet (or tv...cable...) at home, so that puts a wrench in posting and reading. here's what's been keeping me busy...
  • wedding planning. duh!! we bought our rings, finalized the flowers and put down a deposit, met with our wedding coordinator at church, had my trial run with my hair stylist, made some decisions and purchased some super fun gifts for my bridesmaids, been planning day-of schedule, thank you cards from the shower are written and sent, invites sent out & RSVP's coming in, next dress fitting is Monday, i attempted to make myself a necklace and failed, i bought shoes...again...
  • roomie moved out so the place is a little empty. a centipede tried to take her spot but, with the help of my dad, i killed it (that is another story)
  • i've started packing up a few of my own things in the town house
  • Josh and i joined cell phone plans and both of us got the new iPhone 4!! totally love it, though the limited data plan sucks major and i still can't type/text on it worth crap. but the display is amazing. cameras and face-time are amazing (when face-time works, that is...)
  • work is very busy, which is great, but also unusual at this time of year. things are normally a little more calm now, and they might be if it weren't for the huge project that's been consuming the majority of my time. we're hoping it's finalized and ordered next week and ready for install in Sept-Oct!
  • Josh's brother's wedding is this weekend; he's in it and i'm photographing it
  • Josh's bachelor party is next weekend, which means he's off for 3-4 days with 4 of his 6 guys to New York City
i'm sure MORE things have been going on than just this, but it's time to get focused. have great weekends everyone!!


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

"super fun gifts for bridesmaids" . . yay! :-) what are they!?

i won't tell.

now what shoes did you get? pic please!

what about the reception on the iPhone 4? big deal like everyone says?