Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Saturday the girls [SKANK's + Jen (maid of honor)] went with Nikkie to look for wedding dresses. we tried on a few dresses that we liked for bridesmaids...buuut i don't think we found anything we were really set on. Nikkie narrowed her choices down to two favorites from that day, both amazingly beautiful and look even better on her.

yesterday night Josh surprised me with flowers. he was going to surprise me with coming over, but since i told him i might be asleep by 930 he had to warn me ahead of time he was coming. the pictures suck because they were from my phone this morning since my camera has been at work all week. anyway, he's so sweet :)

this morning i read about the Obama's hiring an unlicensed designer to design their private quarters at the white house. the article i read is here at Hoechstetter Interiors and i found it through ProsperbyDesign's twitter. i find it very interesting...granted, i'm not a licensed designer, but i do have a degree in interior design. if the white house is allowed to use a non-licensed designer in a "state" that requires licensing...wouldn't this cause uproar in all those other states that require it? however, according to this article, it says the white house isn't technically on "district" land, so licensure isn't actually required...but it's interesting anyway.