Monday, January 19, 2009

i suck at titles

friday my new workstation got installed!

[exuse the poor quality. this is how my station was 2005. note the horribly old computer...i worked like this for several years, except that giant plotter on the right that is cut off wasn't there.]

it's taking a little getting used to so far...but it's so different and so much more room [and so much nicer!] than before...i can't really focus...that's my main problem i think!

saturday kc and i traveled down to Pittsburgh to meet kt & nikkie to go shopping saturday night and a bridal expo on sunday.

here we are at the fashion show before it started...

nikkie got selected for a free "makeover" - makeup, hair and put in a wedding dress then walk down the runway!! she looked amazzzzing and we loved the dress!! we missed our S though!!!

we're expecting a slow day here at work...
i told kristen we were going to go to the gym at least once this week...
this is the first NON-busy week i've i don't know how long. i'm looking forward to it...


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

aww! i missed you guys!! can't wait for this weekend!

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

oooOOooOoOo new space!

yayyyy for visiting even though there was snow!!!

I felt sooo SATC being front row by the runway! hee hee...even though I look a little scared...which I was...with good reason some (most) of those dresses were icky.

Envious Leigh said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous walls! I love orange. When I own my own place, I want a room with orange as an accent color.

Nikkie is very pretty! I'm glad you enjoyed the show.