Tuesday, December 2, 2008

thanksgiving and things

for thanksgiving i made pumpkin cupcakes with browned-butter cream cheese frosting. both of these recipes were thanks to Robin Sue @ big red kitchen. the cupcakes i made with the 2-ingredient pumpkin cake recipe [which, i must say...i botched first because i didn't READ right, and made the actual cake - adding the eggs, oil and water - and then the can of pumpkin. yeah, that was a disaster. i had to go back out to the store and get more pumpkin :( ]. the frosting, however, was amazing and turned out great! well, the cupcakes did too, after i made them the second time...

kristen made lemon squares...

pumpkin cupcakes w/ browned-butter cream cheese frosting. topped w/ cinnamon sugar.

i love thanksgiving dinner!

me and my cousin, rebekah. i can't believe she's almost 18 and graduating this year!!!

yesterday kc and i decorated our christmas tree. you can check her blog out for pictures, but i'll post some tomorrow i'm sure.


*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

I could not get the mixer to not be blurry in those pics - you wouldn't slow down.

Wow! My lemon squares look terrible! ... oh those are just the crumbles.

I want a pumpie cuppie right now.