Monday, December 22, 2008

back to reality

yeah, it totes sucks going from 80 some degrees and the middle of the wind chill makes it feel like - something degrees...all within a freakin week. it's hard to believe that last week at this time...we were coming back from snorkeling in cozumel...or we were eating authentic mexican [though i didnt enjoy it as much as el canelo] at Carlos and Charlie's.

anyway, i have 1400 pictures to post...juuuuust kidding. no really, i have that many pics, but just kidding i'm not posting them all. i might try to post events of one day, each day...starting maybe over the holiday. we'll see how that works.

anyway, here's a few to make myself [and maybe yourself] sick when i [you] look out into the snow...

Friday night in New Orleans [day before the boat left]

Saturday morning in New Orleans

Saturday night on the boat before the life boat instructional thing

Sunday morning - still a little chilly - but enough sunshine to make us happy!


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips


booo for the chilly weather here! ugh it is awful!