Monday, December 29, 2008

cruise post...FAIL.

whoops. i have no idea when i'm going to post ANYTHING about the cruise.

i will post a little about christmas.

our christmas eve services at church seemed to be a success [other than my singing "light and LIME to all he brings" instead of "late in time behold him come". whoops. oh well.

christmas day was mostly a success...though i believe it was quite a shambles. i woke up on time and arrived at my parents an hour later than i'd hoped. my veggie casserole "sauce" was too thick, amount of veggies was too much, carrots undercooked, then everything overcooked. we planned for 14 people in our small room and packed them in two tables, but only ate with 10 people since 4 got stuck in traffic [or something of that nature] and ate 1/2 hour after the first batch did. we had our "christmas crackers" as usual - but they failed to have HATS and JOKES [just had stupid toys]. we did have a great day and though i didn't ask for much specifically when it came to gifts, i still got a BUNCH of awesome things [cause my fam just knows me so well!].

boxing day was also fun, with the annual trip to the Holmes' where we had lots of cold meat and rolls [and desserts]. personally, i could have done with some potatoes or veggies...buuuut all in all, another good day, ended by our annual Neighborhood party at kt's parents house. also, lots of fun.

anyway, here's a few pics of the holiday, courtsey of rach [and some taken by myself as well].

[christmas eve]

[christmas morning]

[i got a]

[christmas with the cousins...and mum]

hope your holidays were great and new years is even better!


Dennis Weed said... Best Blogger Tips

"light and LIME to all he brings"

That from watching too many Corona beer commercials - the one with the Christmas lights on the palm trees.

rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

christmas was both a success and shambles, just the way it should be :)

i love all the pics of you with random presents. ;-)

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

i love your faces in the weird gifts pics!! that's what she said (seriously. thats what rach said!). but i wanted to say it too. . . :-)

and i love your outfit in the one pic w/the pink vest!