Thursday, November 20, 2008


this week has been entirely too crazy. tuesday i was out all night right after work at church. our youth pastor and volunteers hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner for the boarding school students who go to the school where i coach volleyball. i knew several of these students from bus trips back and forth to the volleyball and soccer games this past fall. it was a really great idea, as it didn't seem that the boarding school was doing anything special for the kids for Thanksgiving Day. we helped cook, serve and hung out with the students [playing wii, rockband and volleyball]. i also took some pictures. i think they had a lot of fun, and hope they can come back out for the youth events on Sunday nights.

i was asked this year to be "officially" invovled in the holiday decorating at the church. last year i was pulled in last minute to put ornaments on the massive trees on the stage. i'm enjoying it so far. everyone seems to have the same idea of how we want the church to look - classy, contemporary and in no way cheesey! i'm excited to spend a couple nights & a saturday putting it all together and hanging out with the ladies [and aaron] on the team.

i was planning on a night at home today and tomorrow...but it looks like all that has been jumbled around as well. tomorrow i'm going to see TWILIGHT with my cousin right after work and Saturday kc and i [and maybe kt] are going to Edinboro to visit Stace! i got to see her at GE today, that was fun.'s still kinda snowy. rumor is we'll get 2-3 FEET this weekend. YIKES.

happy thursday everyone!


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

yay!! coming to visit!! yay! you visited at GE! totes was fun!!