Friday, November 7, 2008

a random bunch

i love the fall. i think this is because it is like another holiday for we have fall, thanksgiving, christmas and then new years...all times of family fun, good food, awesome outside colors and smells, giving and receiving gifts, fun decorations and just plain awesomeness. i also have started loving the cooking aspect of the holidays much more. the girls and i are throwing around the idea of doing our own "Friendsgiving" [idea from Danielle & Dave after i was invited to their own last year :)] and i'm excited to try some pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese [and some with vanilla] frosting for Thanksgiving desserts :)

i went to josh's yesterday - his grandma had started putting the tree up already...i can't believe it's already that time of year! seriously, this year has flown by...

i found this post from on my other blog, while i was looking to see what i had posted last year around this time of year. please go look. it's funny. :)

nothing too exciting planned for this weekend - which is WELCOMED. tonight i have some powerpoint to finish for church and there's META CAFE. tomorrow probably some cleaning [i'm itching to clean the bathroom and kitchen floors...yeah, it's true...and to finally get that last moving box out of my room] and visiting of friends!! sunday is church [up early] and more relaxing. the last few weeks have been ESPECIALLY i'm excited to just lounge around the house and not do much.

have great weekends everyone and happy friday!

oh! and i forgot about this! kc and i made enchiladas wednesday. here's a pic. meatballs tonight!