Friday, November 21, 2008

can you say "snow"?

yeah. this morning sucked. it was SO bad at our house. i started driving, knowing i couldnt take 79 or go UP cherry street, but then i couldnt see 10 feet in front of me so i got nervous and wanted to wait it out at home for a bit, which made me turn UP cherry, causing me to get stuck, for about 15 minutes. trying to go up, reverse down and then not being able to see...getting stuck again, cars all over trying to go around crying of course cause i didn't know what to do, calling dad and freaking him out, but not letting him come to me because i didn't want him to venture up that horrible way. eventually i reversed into some woman's driveway [she thought shoveling me out would work, but that wasn't going to help, i wasn't stuck IN snow...just ON it...].

anyway, i made it down cherry and by the time i got to 38th and cherry it was like a different world out there. barely snowing, not even 1/2 as much snow every where. my boss said he got a "dusting" last night. there's at LEAST a foot on my car.

i wonder if it is still snowing up there. i wonder how i'm going to get home...

but i AM going to see TWILIGHT tonight!!! who cares about the snow, that's happening. :)