Thursday, January 7, 2010

one major event at a time.

i've been one-track-minded for the past month or so, focusing on my beautiful sister's baby shower that's coming up in a little over a week and a half! pink & brown, polka dots, cupcakes, salads, favors, photography, table set-up...all this has been racking my brain. i'm totally loving it. i just want it to be here already so i can start doing all the baking & cooking/preparing that i have to do!

i haven't been thinking about much wedding stuff lately, still throwing ideas around in my head for how to set up the cupcake table, stage & table decorations, how to cut down the guest list, preparing myself to book the honeymoon, planning a fitting & ordering dresses day with the girls and how-the-heck-am-i-going-to-have-enough-money-to-pay-for-this thoughts when i realized...

holy crap February 20th will be SIX MONTHS from the wedding. where did the last 3-4 months go? what have i accomplished for the wedding?! am i running out of time-HOW AM I GOING TO GET EVERYTHING DONE!?

breathe. there is plenty of time. there isn't THAT much to do (psh, yeah right). i think February is going to mark the month where i stop throwing around ideas. stop going back and forth. time to start making decisions.


michelle woo said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay for August weddings! Haha, I'm kinda the opposite... I'm like dude, I have 8 months. SO MUCH TIME. Yeah, ask me again how I feel a few months from now.

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree. Yay for August weddings!! :-) What can we help with?

amy grace said... Best Blogger Tips

stace - that's the problem - NOTHING. nothing REALLY needs done RIGHT NOW. after the decision making, etc, then. you will be recruited! ;)