Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i really should blog...

nothing has really been going on here. i have no pictures to post (a certain blushing bride took my camera on her honeymoon and has been spending time now they are home taking pictures of her cat...), and nothing else really exciting has been going on.

summer has been good so far. haven't been able to enjoy our beautiful presque isle beaches however and it's rained most of July.

Nicole's bridal shower is this weekend, Katie's wedding reception for her Pittsburgh friends is next weekend, Nicole's surprise bachelorette party (that she knows about) is in 3 weeks, and Josh and i are performing (me = singing, him = guitar) at a friend's wedding the last weekend in August. busy, busy month!!

anyway, here are some pics i jacked from my sis, who photographed Katie's wedding. Katie is doing all her own editing, so these are just a few sample photos rach sent to me when i bugged the crap outta her ;)