Tuesday, March 18, 2008


well i've been jumping around a few blogs for a while, and i've decided to try to just keep track of one blog here...seeing as i have a hard enough time just posting to one blog, let alone two.

i can't promise to have extremely interesting things to say, but hopefully i'll have an enjoyable post every once and a while!

this weekend is easter which means a 4-day week (hooray!). Friday promises to be a fun and relaxing day, i'm singing at all three services this weekend, driving to Cleveland to take some friends to the airport Saturday morning, Easter fun with the family on Sunday, and Monday taking a half-day and going to see MAE in concert in Slippery Rock with some friends. Should be a fun weekend!!

we celebrated St. Patrick's Day this past weekend with some Irish foods - Reuben dip, Irish Creme & Coffee, and Irish Creme brownies (which i still have 1/2 of because they were too difficult to cut and eat). yesterday was some more celebrating with more dressing in green and hanging out with friends.

hopefully i'll have some more exciting things to talk about soon!


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

yayyyyyyy welcome to blogger (officially!...iNSPi doesn't count)

I totes couldn't read the "word varification" thing!..blah..try again...

Jamie Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! Found you!