Monday, March 24, 2008

baking & things

i think i'm going to make these sometime this week:

Mmm...lemon cream cheese cupcakes....I've been dying to make these since I saw the recipe in my mum's Kraft recipe magazine last week. I don't see how a combination like this could be anything less than amazing.

Recipe found here.

I will of course post pics of my success [the cupcakes, and them being enjoyed].


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

ummm lets just hope they don't turn out like our sweet potato cuppycakes and try to catch on fire....hahah

plus you're not supposed to me making cuppycakes for your own b-day week! someone else is supposed to....not me...but someone!!!!

Jamie Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

those look delicious! send me some for my bday please!!

Christina. B said... Best Blogger Tips

mmmmm those look so good!