Sunday, September 5, 2010


for our honeymoon, we went to the hot and humid city of Playa Mujeres, near Cancun, in Mexico. we stayed at the Excellence Resort. it was pretty much amazing. all inclusive, awesome food, gorgeous rooms and interiors, friendly and helpful staff, beautiful pools...could not have asked for more!!

our flight down had no issues, though we had two layovers and our first connecting flight had already been boarding for 1/2 hour when our first flight landed in the airport. luckily we didn't have any issues making our way to and ONTO that flight. it was another quick one (both the first flights were about an hour), and then we had a relaxing 3 1/2 hour layover before the 3 hour trip to the Cacun airport. i heard a rumor that the floor in their airport was, that's not true. it's very nice there.

by the time we got outside the sun was already going down, but the heat and humidity were ridiculous. Erie can be quite a hot and humid place, but it's never close to as bad as the humidity during the day. 

we spent the first evening getting settled in our room. we ordered room service and checked out all the fun amenities in the room (the dual-faucet shower, in-room safe, mini-bar, balcony and our awesome view). it was too hot to go outside. plus the pools were already closed, it was dark already and we were exhausted. our room had a beautiful king-sized bed, double sinks, l-shaped couch, jacuzzi and balcony with an awesome bed/couch thing and table and chairs.

on Monday we spent the morning sleeping in, ordered some yummy room service for breakfast, then changed into our swimming gear and explored the resort. we hung out in one of the larger pools adjacent to the spa and REVIVE bar. it was gorgeous. the water was so warm, and it wasn't that crowded either.

Monday night we ate at the Toscana Italian restaurant for dinner. We had a bottle of wine (they served 2 whites and 2 reds that were included in the "all-inclusive" package), bread baked with garlic and parm cheese with oil & vinegar for dipping, a bruschetta sampler, i had minestrone soup (AMAZING) and josh had caprese salad. my main course was lasagna Florentine, josh had spaghetti bolognese. for dessert: tiramisu and strawberry gelato. definitely was my favorite place, we went there again on Friday night.

we spent most of our time relaxing in this pool, which we could see from our room. it was amazing, not crowded and a little cooler temperature than the other pools we tried.


we only went to one other restaurant for dinner, called SPICE, this one was Asian/Japanese inspired. it was also delicious. i had coconut soup (very good, lots of chunks of chicken and not too sweet), Thai fried rice with chicken (delish) and flan (weird, but okay). josh had spring rolls, steak and noodles and some sort of ice cream type dessert.  

our trip was SO awesome and fun. i would definitely recommend it. Excellence Resorts have several other locations as well; i would love to try their Jamaica or Dominican Republic resorts as well.

ugh, i apologize for the horrid-ness of how this blog post looks. apparently Blogger's new picture formatting does not like me one bit!!!


rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like you had a great time of relaxing, swimming, eating and lovin' ;-)

and yeah what is up with that blogger pic format?