Tuesday, November 17, 2009


ok, time for a new post i suppose...

here's some updates on life in amy world...

  • papa came home from the hospital Saturday. here's rachel's update on what happened after his (unsuccessful) surgery :(
  • started our wedding website
  • bigger news...I FOUND MY DRESS!! it's the dress i've been eying since i started looking for dresses (pretty much in april or so when i knew i was going to marry josh)
  • started looking for BM dresses and working on invitation ideas!
  • had several weeks off from singing at church. i got to spend three solid weeks with the kids in children's church, which was a lot of fun. i'm back on schedule for the next two weekends.
  • things at work are going ok. i started a facebook page for the business and a twitter: @grackbizintrior. things are fairly steady, though not too busy. makes it easier to leave early on Fridays but the lack of those hours is showing up painfully in my paycheck.
  • Rachel is 24 weeks today with her pregnancy! if you didn't hear already, she's having a baby GIRL! i'm so excited!! mum's booked the church for the shower, so now we're starting to think about that too!
  • i'm spending all day Saturday out of town shopping with my friend Bethany. not a good thing for a poor girl, but it will be fun to spend the whole day with her, and i'm going with a list and a budget (cash only) and i'm NOT going over!!

i can't believe all the changes that are going to happen in my family's life next year. we already had big (and sad) changes this year...next year is going to be nuts. i'm so excited to start my new roles as auntie amy and josh's wife :)