Friday, August 7, 2009

yes, i do suck.

at keeping up on blog posts, that is!
i have "exciting" things happening to me, that interest me...but i'm sure they won't interest you, poor readers.

oh well, here it goes:

Saturday we celebrated Nicole & Matt's upcoming wedding with her bridal shower at the Sloppy Duck. it was a lot of fun, yummy food, and my mum seemed to know EVERYONE there. just so happens that she graduated high school with Matt's mum so they are all pretty good friends.

Matt's mum, Nicole, and her mum

KT shows off the cuppies in our favorite cuppie-showing-off way

Nicole & her maid of honor, cousin Jen

the happy couple!

Stace and her big camera.

KT, Kristen, Staci, and I took KT's parents convertible and drove around the peninsula after the shower. stace brought her big camera...and craziness ensued. first, we helped push a car out of a sand pit, then we danced in the lake, then we got some us-being-awkward pictures...

Sunday was my parents 29th wedding anniversary. they are such a crazy couple! they invited Josh and I to The Cove [the "seafood capital" of Erie, according to Josh :)] for dinner and we had a fun time eating, laughing, and venturing around the dock with them.

Mum & Dad at the dock

Josh & I

well, there's a picture-weekend-update a week late. oh well.


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

IS KC trying to give me flip flop ears in that one pic?!