Friday, April 24, 2009

Florida - Beginning to End

well it's pretty obvious i'm not going to really get around to a long Florida post, but really, i'm sure you all don't care to read about the crazy things i did with my BFF.'s a rundown.
"what's a rundown?"


my flight got in to Orlando at midnight on Friday "morning". Alicia surprised me with having a CD of our theme song "Show Me the Way" which we laughed and jammed out to on the way to her house. we ended up staying up until 230am, talking with her parents [they moved down to FL from Erie 6 months ago]. i was amazed by the palm trees and the warm weather [it's been so long!].

here's some highlights from each day:
  • iHop for breakfast - Alicia doesn't eat like a normal person so i had to remind her i was hungry
  • Epcot in the evening
  • very late dinner at Planet Hollywood - where Alicia works
  • Animal Kingdom - awesome safari and someone gave us express passes for the "river raft rapids" whatever ride
  • Bahama Breeze - one of Alicia's favorite restaurants in the Orlando area
  • Magic Kingdown - we saw the fireworks over Cinderella's castle, went on the teacups ride, carousel, snow white's something & had ice cream
  • UNIVERSAL STUDIOS - The Simpson's Ride replaced the Back to the Future ride. it was the best.
  • Islands of Adventure - mostly we walked around and just took it all in - Alicia had never been there before
  • christened her new pool - i forced her to jump in with me at 10pm
  • went to Cocoa Beach. total fail. it was so windy the sand was literally being whipped at our bodies. after the 1hr drive [+ 25 minutes cause we kept missing the entrances to the beach], we sat on the beach for a 1/2 hour then drove back to her place.
  • swam in her pool, in the rain
  • Orlando Ikea. HUGE. [Alicia fell in love]
  • The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. AWESOME. we sat at the bar, which i thought was a lot of fun [the wait was almost an hour].
  • breakfast at Perkin's [our favorite spot!]
  • back to the airport

here's some picture highlights as well:

isn't my BFF beautiful??